Transforming Online Hearing Care's social media output

After successfully relaunching the Online Hearing Care website, this valued client came back to BRIGHT, wanting to amplify its social media messaging and reach more customers.

Like so many companies seeking a more engaged social audience, Online Hearing Care’s existing output was sporadic in frequency and inconsistent in nature – BRIGHT set about changing that, with regular posts that included both general content and targeted PPC activity.


Online Hearing Care

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The brief

Grow Online Hearing Care’s social media audience by creating posts and campaigns to engage and inform potential customers. The ultimate aim is to drive more people to the newly designed website, increasing the chances of them making a purchase.

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What we did

Structure and strategy were key to the project’s success. We began by agreeing key messaging to be communicated on social media, then designed eye-catching posts that would stand out on timelines and engage the target audience. Each month, a detailed analysis of both free and paid-for campaigns is supplied to the client.

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The outcome

An ongoing project, Online Hearing Care’s social strategy has achieved its two keys aims: growing the following and creating better engagement with the audience. Our monthly insights have also enabled the client to understand which content audiences react to most positively, aiding further strategy development.