Boosting profitability with a new website for Online Hearing Care

We love a challenge at BRIGHT, so when Online Hearing Care approached us with a pre-existing, e-commerce website that was failing to convert visitors into sales, we jumped at the chance to make key improvements and boost our client’s profitability.

Pulling together all the main departments within the business, we audited the existing offering, before strategising ways to make the content simpler and easy to navigate. We then designed, wrote and built the new site, seeing great results just a few days after launch! We continue to create content, producing monthly emails that encourage people to pay a return visit, boosting dwell times, ensuring the content is seen by more potential customers, more often.


Online Hearing Care

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The brief

To create a new look for an underperforming e-commerce website, by making content easier to navigate and simplifying the purchase journey. Following launch, formulate an ongoing content plan to keep customers revisiting the site, increasing their likelihood of making a purchase.

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What we did

We conducted a detailed audit of the existing Online Hearing Care site before planning ways to organise and simplify it. A map was created, then a clearer, more logical UX was designed to house the newly written content and seamlessly integrate with existing appointment booking, hearing test and e-commerce platforms. Finally, email templates were designed and built to provide OHC’s database with targeted information on a monthly basis.

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The outcome

Both client and website users were delighted with the results. Purchasing hearing aids often involves a lengthy decision-making process, with customers regularly taking years. But the site had its first sales within days – and continues to deliver impressive numbers.