Creating ME - a magazine for Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services (AWS) started working with BRIGHT through FEED magazine, placing regular advertising features to promote its extensive range of services. Recognising our consummate content and design skills, it wasn’t long before the company asked us to produce a magazine of their own – and ME was born!

Standing for Media and Entertainment, ME magazine was written and designed at BRIGHT, in close collaboration with the AWS team. Case studies promoted core aspects of AWS’s cloud-based solutions, and it was used as a lead generation device. Readers completed a lead-gen form in order to read the magazine, which was followed up by AWS’s own sales team. ME was also printed and distributed at relevant industry shows.



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The brief

Write and design a bespoke customer magazine for Amazon Web Services, based around the Media and Entertainment sector. The title has two aims: to generate leads online, and be handed out at relevant industry events to promote AWS services.

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What we did

Typical of any magazine launch, our design and content team combined to pull together sample page layouts, a logo and content plan. Once these elements were signed off, we wrote, designed and proofed each issue of ME magazine – which appeared quarterly – working closely with AWS to ensure key messaging and services were covered in each issue.

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The outcome

Designed to be a lead generator, ME magazine saw immediate success, as potential customers supplied contact details to access the quality content. The magazine continues in digital form, showing how customers use the cloud to increase revenue, enhance experiences and improve products, services and business opportunities.