Recalibrating Fujifilm's House of Photography store

When the marketing team at Fujifilm UK planned to open its groundbreaking House of Photography in London three years ago, they came to BRIGHT to devise initial concepts that would deliver an immersive customer experience. We were heavily involved in the store layout, customer interaction points, a store app and website that collectively delivered an in-store and online experience like no other.

The pandemic redefined how the House of Photography needed to operate, so Fujifilm came back, asking us to recalibrate the store in the face of these new challenges. An unforgettable experience was still essential, but it needed to be one that also understood how customers and the retail environment had changed.


Fujifilm USA

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The brief

Improve the layout and customer offerings within the FUJIFILM House of Photography, to help deliver a fantastic experience – reflecting both changes in consumer behaviour, and the needs of a modern retail environment.

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What we did

We looked at the House of Photography afresh, implementing our knowledge of the store’s target customers, ensuring that all brands within the Fujifilm portfolio were represented. After store trips and consultation with key staff members, we presented a three-phase strategy that maximises the store’s prime location, ensuring it stays relevant to the modern consumer.

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The outcome

To date, phase one of the strategy has been implemented. The removal of underused areas of the store, a rearrangement of the popular sections, and a brand update incorporating new-look fonts, colour scheme, app and in-store signage.