Create With Me multimedia content campaign

Brand ambassadors and influencers are an important part of the marketing mix, so companies look to leverage them in exciting and memorable ways. In the US, Fujifilm’s group of Creators and X-Photographers are key figures in an active creative community; an obvious opportunity to use their reach, bringing more people into contact with the brand.

BRIGHT developed Create With Me as, in its simplest form, a photographic competition. But it’s so much more than that. Using all of our departments, we designed, built and populated a bespoke WordPress site, pulling together multimedia content, with a supporting email campaign running in tandem.


Fujifilm USA

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The brief

Find a way of amplifying the Fujifilm brand by using its extensive community of ambassadors and influencers, to inspire creativity within its audience of engaged image makers.

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What we did

Created a year-long competition mechanism, involving two ambassadors making a video each month, talking through their creative process – then encouraging the audience to use this advice to make an image for the competition. We designed and built the site, all associated emails and content, while working with creatives in the US.

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The outcome

The competition – which is still live here – has been lauded by the creative Fujifilm community, receiving thousands of entries every month. The client is discussing ways in which we can extend the reach of the competition even further, and has praised us for such a creative solution to the initial brief.